Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course

Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course

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Build Flutter iOS and Android Apps with a Single Codebase – Learn Google’s Flutter Mobile Development Framework

What you’ll learn

Be ABLE to Build Any iOS and Android App You Want

MASTER Dart and Flutter Framework

BUILD Full-fledged Apps for Your Startup or Business

CREATE a Portfolio of Apps to Apply for Development Job
WORK as A Cross-Platform Mobile Developer Who can Develop iOS and Android Apps
GAIN a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace as a Flutter Mobile Developer


A Computer – Mac or PC
No Previous Programming Experience Required – I’ll go over Everything You’ll Need to Get Started
Anyone Who Has the “I Can Do It” Mentality
Some Basic Ideas of Android and iOS Devices
Willingness to Learn By Doing – You’ll have a Step-by-Step Learning Process with Challenges and Exercises for Better Retention


==============> Full Course UPDATE 2020 <===============

Flutter is here to stay!

Welcome to The Complete Flutter App Development Course ( The World’s First Complete Dart and Flutter Course). Now with a Full Course Update [2020].

Flutter is the new Cross-platform Mobile Development Framework created by Google, which allows developers to build Android and iOS Apps with one single codebase!

Flutter is the BEST way to create cross-platform apps that otherwise would require two distinct mobile development teams to create.

Why is Flutter a BIG Deal?

Flutter is a big deal because any developer ( or anyone who wants to learn mobile development ) can now build native Android and iOS apps with one codebase ONLY! This means, instead of having to learn Objective-C or Swift to build iOS apps, and Java, or Kotlin to build Android apps, you can now use Flutter Mobile Development Framework to build apps that run natively on both iOS and Android devices using the General-purpose Dart Programming Language.

This course is fully hands-on, in which you’ll get the chance to practice and learn:

Dart Programming Language – Fundamentals and intermediate topics
How to understand Flutter Mobile Development by building apps, incrementally
How to design, build, debug Flutter Android and iOS Apps
How to get Flutter apps to communicate with a realtime database – Firestore
How to build robust apps with Flutter.

You’ll see how easy it’s to get started building Android and iOS apps using Google’s Flutter App Development Framework!



Paulo Dichone is the instructor of this course. He is a Software Engineer, a teacher, and the author of highly rated Development courses on Udemy. He has already taught over 80,000 students online and received over 10,000 reviews. Students love his teaching methodology which is heavy on hands-on, project-based approach.


Sections Outline:

Section 1 – Course Introduction: The learning Path of the course

Section 2 -Why Flutter: Understanding why Flutter is a revolutionary Mobile Development cross-platform Framework.

Section 3 – Download Course’s Source code – Get source code for the course projects.

Section 4 – Installing Development Tools and Machine Setup [ Mac Users]: Set up your MAC to start developing Flutter Apps.

Section 5 – Installing Development Tools and Machine Setup [ Windows Users] – Set up your MAC to start developing Flutter Apps.

Section 6 – Introduction to the Dart Programming Language: Getting started learning Dart Programming Language – the basics.

Section 7 – Dart Programming Language – Control Flow and Functions: Dart fundamentals

Section 8 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Understanding how to construct classes and Objects in Dart.

Section 9 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Intermediate: Learn Dart OOP Intermediate concepts such as Interfaces and Abstract classes.
Section 10 – Dart Programming Language: Object-Oriented Programming – Advanced: Advanced OOP Dart concepts

Section 11 – Dart Programming Language: Data Structures and Collections: Get started learning about data structures and maps and lists in Dart.

Section 12 – Building Flutter Apps – Flutter Fundamentals – The time to start building Flutter apps have arrived! Getting started with Flutter basics and understanding Material Design and Flutter Widgets.

Section 13 – Flutter – Build a Biz Card App – Build our first Flutter app – biz card.

Section 14 – Flutter Stateful Widgets- Learn all about Stateful and Stateless widgets in Flutter.

Section 15 – Flutter App – Build a Flutter Tip Calculator App.

Section 16 – Flutter App – Build a Quiz App – Learn more about Flutter Widgets.

Section 17 – Flutter Intermediate Concepts – Navigation and Build a Full Movie App: Learn how to navigate to different routes/screens and passing data between them. At the end of the section, you’ll have built a full-fledged Movie App.

Section 18 – Understanding Themes in Flutter – How to theme your flutter apps. Learn more about colors in Material Design.

Section 19 – [CHALLENGE] – Material design Challenge – Use what you’ve learned to design a better app.

Section 21 – Connecting to the World – Networking and Parsin JSON in Flutter – Learn how to parse JSON APIs and connect your apps to remote servers.

Section 22 – Build a Weather Forecast App – Build a complex weather forecast app powered by a weather API.

Section 23 – Flutter Google Maps: Build an EarthQuake App – Learn how to add Google Maps to your apps. You’ll also build a complete app that shows real-time earthquakes on a map!

Section 24 – Firestore – Real-time Storage – Take your app to the next level by utilizing a real-time database such as Firestore and make your app dynamic and robust.

Section 25 – [Optional] – Creating Adaptive Flutter Apps – Learn how to create apps that run on smaller and larger devices.

Section 26 – [Optional] – Deconstructing Flutter Topics – If you are a curious type, then this section is for you! You’ll learn about advanced flutter topics!

What’s Next – Build at least 5 Apps!

Sections 28-45 – Legacy Sections – These are sections with legacy lectures from the previous version of this course. You don’t have to go through them, but they are there for you if you need them.
Section 46 – Bonus!


This Course Also Comes With:

✔ Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

✔ A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

✔ Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

✔ A 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

This is the course that could change your Mobile Development skills.

Take the course now, completely risk-free!


Who this course is for:

Beginner Developers and Intermediate- Advanced Web or Mobile Developers new to Dart and Google Flutter Mobile SDK
Android Developers Who Want to Build iOS Apps with Single Codebase
iOS Developers Who Want to Build Android Apps with Single Codebase
Web Developers Who Want to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase
Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase
Managers and Program Managers Who Want to Learn How to Build Android and iOS Apps with Single Codebase

Created by Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher
English []

Size: 24.42 GB


Flutter & Dart – The Complete Flutter App Development Course
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